Ahhha Moment – Stopping Mind Possession

I had one of those moments when I had to pop myself on the head, one of those ‘ahhha’ moments.  Something so obvious – the ‘mind’ is but examples of possession. The mind possess us as we give it permission. Instead of standing as self – we exist through the mind.  Sounds simple enough.  I have written similar words before – especially after having been possessed within energy and mind images where the words on my computer screen were actually moving and dancing.  And, I’ve seen images in my bedroom begging me to come talk to them and I actually had to muster up the courage to do so, only to realize they were nothing more than mere distractions of my mind of which I allowed myself to participate in.  A Big Clue for self – If you can’t touch it here within and as the ‘Physical’ – then it’s not real.  Which is why it should be easy for us to figure out that our thoughts, feelings and emotions/reactions are not real. So how come we accept and allow it as who we are? Because, The Mind is Examples of Mind Possession. We have to Stop…

The energy within the possessions I’ve had in the past year became very familiar and frequent as I realized trigger points and stopped and breathed through them in self-honesty and self-forgiveness, and they have stopped.

However, the more subtle energy ‘mini mind possessions’, (for lack of more specific definition) are not so easily detectable.

‘Harder still’ when one doesn’t realize their creating their mind possession through and as participation in the ‘secret mind’ and ‘back chat’ because the ‘thoughts happen so fast’.

(See the beginning three words at the beginning of that sentence – and then the three words at the end of my sentence)

lol – ‘harder still when – thoughts happen fast’

Something similar is what began a ‘mini mind possession’, I allowed where I became ‘amused’ in something I was writing in a blog and therein I became distracted to the point of possession. Fortunately, each haven’t lasted long before I realized what I had accepted and allowed, and I stopped.  There doesn’t have to be a visual image, but, they were fantasy self-formed by the mind as me, in which I participated within and as.  Such as my past thoughts, and/or emotions and feelings, or an idea, a memory or just a word or letter, number or symbol will be a trigger point. Mind Possession can be triggered by anything and everything.

The energy within these types of mind possessions are ego related and last according to my specific thought pattern and/or emotional feeling charge – and of course according to how long I continue to accept and allow myself to participate.  I’m still investigating for myself and I’m discovering some cool trigger points to assist myself to stop and remain here breathing with myself in self-honesty.

One point I realized is that I have walked through and stopped the ‘feeling’ of stupid when I realize my participation. I don’t allow myself to feel guilty or bad about myself.  I just stop, breathe, realize the trigger point, apply self-forgiveness in self honesty – and remain in this moment here as All as One as Equal.

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2 thoughts on “Ahhha Moment – Stopping Mind Possession

  1. Hi Cathy!

    What is/has been practically Assisting me is to get to a stable point of a definite STOP to voice outloud the words STOP and I stop, Earth myself Here again.

    Breathe here, voice outloud : “I am Here” and within that statement touching me as substance or anything else of substance until I anchored myself Here in and as the Physical again.


    S l o w d o w n

    Clear indicators of drifting off so to speak is when I am loosing things, cant find things or not remember certain telephone numbers or even how I have to drive to a friend’s place or when I find myself ‘lost’ surfing the net, definite RED FLAGS!

    Enjoy, and thanks for sharing Here!


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