Relationships of Consciousness

Life or Consciousness – all of my relationships are self-related – and are according to how and what I have accepted and allowed myself to exist as within and as my past and my relationship with myself. This is how I/we continue to exist as Consciousness within our mind as a system of resonant patterns, mind constructs and particles that hold the key as to who we all are.

When I have entered a new relationship, I would then accept, allow and expect them to define me for me. Which is exactly what relationships reveal, in that they define who and what I have accepted and allowed and how I am existing within and as my placement within consciousness within my mind and my world within and as All here.

All are particles of me that I assume no longer relate to who I am as I turn and walk away from myself and a past relationship. There is,  and has always been, a relationship existent wherever I am, whether it is actually here within the physical, or whether it existed only in my mind.   When I have ended a relationship for any of numerous, well ‘thought out’ reasons, I was always quick to re-establish another relationship similar in version to the one that I just ended. My decisions were those directed within and as consciousness as me as my mind in which I gave permission as I participated.

‘Mind Consciousness Systems’ thrive, survive and update as we continue to accept and allow ourself to participate within and as the resonant energy of thought patterns and the misconceptions within our mind’s perception that we are actually experiencing ourself within and as our physical reality when all we’ve really been experiencing is the programming according to consciousness directing us as our mind.

Every time I began a ‘new’ relationship, I brought all of who I am, what I’ve become and existed as, within all that I’ve accepted and allowed — I would then lay it all out before the new relationship, as if to reveal and re-establish for myself, a part of me I’ve yet to face.

The particles of me that are revealed are carefully established by me through my acceptances and allowances as a ‘Mind Consciousness System’ even before I have entered the new relationship.  Because, as I left each past relationship, having not faced myself in self-honesty within it, the accumulated effects, of it and the dishonesty within it, compound in my mind as projections, which manifest the future of me and my world.  I am then only ever facing particles of resonant patterns of me as my self-related accepted and allowed past that I’ve projected into and as the future, as the present.

When I face myself in self-honesty – Stopping participation in my thoughts and memories and Stopping the energy of emotions and feelings – and as I walk the path of Self-forgiveness, Breathing, remaining here – only then will I Self-Realize who I really am, as Life within and as tangible substance, which is me here within and as the Physical, as the Whole of us All, within the Equality Equation, as All as One as Equal.

Stop yourself as a ‘Mind Consciousness System’ – Assist Yourself
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