Prohibition Failed – Support Equal Money

While researching the history of Prohibition I’ve come to realize one thing for sure which is that we as humanity had better begin to question what the hell we’re accepting and allowing and what we are continuing to support within our Current Money System.  Prohibition Failed, so what is it that causes us to continue to support a feeble attempt to control man’s appetite for ‘sin’ through ‘legislation’ when clearly both are nothing more than attempts to hide within what we as humanity don’t want to face.   We must ask ourselves these questions. How come people won’t see that prohibition has failed and that the war on drugs with prohibition is one of the greatest marketing scams ever.  We don’t require prohibition – we require Self- Responsibility.  We’re not really prohibiting anything anyway and all we’re really doing is supporting legalized crime.

The only substance that must be removed from our society is alcohol and to remove it from our existence does not require prohibition. We stop accepting and allowing and supporting the production of it because it kills more people compared to any known drug.  The sale of alcohol provides money for Major Multinational Companies who don’t give a shit who dies.

The beer wholesalers have been extremely effective as a lobbying group and the National Beer Wholesalers Association, founded in 1938, is a trade association for more than 2,750 beer distributors nationwide. For the most part, its activities are hidden from the public eye. So for a product like Budweiser, their power comes in their distribution. You can’t find clear information to understand how this all works. I have discovered that after Prohibition, rules for wholesalers and retailers have been kept conveniently hidden from the public eye. There is a reason for that – it’s because they’re making tons of money distributing a ‘deadly weapon’.  Stop Prohibition and Support All life here with an “Equal Money System” which will remove ‘The Fear of Survival’ and will allow people to begin to see who they really are.  Stop Prohibition, Stop Alcohol and “Support Equal Money”

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not know how this world really operates and supports itself with no regard towards life in our current money system.

I forgive myself that I haven’t allowed myself to educate myself properly with regards to the corruption that exist within and as this world and our Current Money System.

I am 1 Vote for an Equal Money System & World Equality

Let us All begin to face ourselves within what we have accepted and allowed and take Self Responsibility as All as One as Equal.