A Cup of coffee, SRA, and Watching the Birds

I was suppose to take care of my granddaughter today, so when that was cancelled I settled in with a freshly brewed cup of coffee and sat near the door where I had a clear view to watch the birds feeding on the newest bird feeder we have attached to a nearby tree.  Then I began listening to my current SRA videos and honestly, it was the perfect day.  Later on I took a short break and made a couple of short videos mostly because I wanted to film the birds I was watching.   I realized today as I watched them gathering for food, is that they offer lessons in ‘social psychology’, the study of the nature and the causes of human social behavior. The birds activities are much like watching humans hustling about in a shopping mall except that they are actually beginning to use common sense and the precision and reasoning in their movements with each other offers clues of accumulative affects and adaptation.

There have been slight changes in their behavior towards each other as they are realizing that fresh food is consistently, equally and daily provided for All of them.  Now, the different species are beginning to accumulate frequently and enjoy their meal right next to each other.  Today, I saw a cardinal and a blue jay perched right next to each other and it’s taken almost 6 months for this to occur.  In the beginning the blue jays wouldn’t even consider coming near the other birds and if they did they would shew the other birds away quickly, so to witness them eating next to each other was very cool.  They sat by each other for awhile and they are becoming familiar with each other and they know a good thing when it’s provided for them. They are understanding something we humans haven’t quite remembered yet, the common sense of Equality amd the Oneness of us All   When All are provided for Equally – All is well.  We may be providing them with food here,  but they’re sharing and providing proof for us to see daily that life is really very simple, especially when All are provided for Equally.  That’s common sense and it’s priceless.