Support an Equal Money System – or – Grab a Hammer and Nails

We watched a movie tonight named ‘Stone’. The movie begins 30 years before with the opening line, “You keep my soul in a dungeon” and follows it up immediately with “I’m leaving”, which is said by a woman to her husband.  The husband then goes upstairs and picks up their 3 year old sleeping daughter and holds her out the window as he threatens the wife that he’ll drop her unless the wife agrees to stay.  The wife agrees.  Then the movie begins present day set against the quiet desperation of an economically ravaged community where the husband is a parole officer at a maximum security prison. He is about to retire but he is asked to review the case of  “Stone”, in prison for covering up the murder of his grandparents with a fire.

The movie was almost more than I could stand to sit through and the worst of it was, it is the classic tale within which humanity exists  as.  I experienced myself realizing how close I came to becoming similar to the characters in the movie. Not for the same reasons as the characters in the movie – but that doesn’t matter because the dark impulses of suppression and mind control are all the same.
The faith-based paranoia stoking ‘mind consciousness system’ programming within the movie is easy to see.  The teaching and verses that are heard throughout the movie are straight from the words of the Bible. The main characters are Catholic and shown every evening drinking booze and smoking cigarettes as they sit listening to a radio station with the teachings of the bible as they are each buried silently occupied within their own mind. They rarely speak to each other while they sit and listen to the teachings over and over.

I remember myself sitting in a church pew listening to preachers as they preached the same message of sin and redemption and of asking god to forgive you. It is now clear as day how evil the whole message is.  When I use to ask ‘God’ to forgive me, I can see now that that was my way of not facing myself within the lies that I had accepted and allowed myself to be and become.  I used forgiveness as a backdoor within an illusion of myself within how I wanted to experience myself and who I wanted to become – how I wanted others to see me within a personality design which had no purpose except that of ego which supports control systems that support this world and the atrocities that are here.  I was scared and lonely so I followed others leads straight into my own hell lost within my mind.  Within that I become the one that was forsaken for I had forsaken myself and abdicated myself from all life here.  Never once during all the times I went to church did I consider self-honesty because I was to busy existing in self-judgment and fear. The depths of suppression when we forsake ourselves is equivalent to going and gathering wood for our own cross and nailing ourself  to it.


It’s easy to see how belief systems continue to support the Current Money System because the insanity of mind control that we won’t see keep us stuck in our minds.  There is no doubt that the real message of Jesus was one of ‘Equality’.  But we have taken his message and contaminated it as we continue to carry our own crosses.  Whoever believes in a God might as well get it over with,  grab a hammer and start nailing yourself to your cross.  Because if you believe in a god and/or you do not support an “Equal Money System”, you are of no assistance for life here on this planet.


There is One Solution for life here and that is an “Equal Money System” – so we can sort out the depths of our ‘criminally insane belief systems’.  An “Equal Money System”will provide for us All to have the basic requirements to live so we can face ourself within self-forgiveness and self-honesty – we’re gonna need it to stop the insanity.


Support an Equal Money System – or – Grab a Hammer and Nails