Murderer’s and Hero’s are the Same

I replied to a post that Marley added on the Desteni Universe Forums, titled ‘Into the Wild’ with regards to the movie about ‘Christopher McCandless’, which I had watched in March, of 2008.It was an interesting reference point for myself because I joined Desteni Universe the month before, in Feb. of 2008. I had began watching their videos on DesteniProductions in Nov. of 2007. The changes in myself and my perspectives are really amazing to me. I remember my perspective when I watched the movie which was not much of one at all because the only perspective I had was similar as everyone’s, which was one of seeing ‘Chistopher McCandless’ as somewhat of a hero for having experienced what he did. He seemed so brave to me at the time, when actually he feared all human contact, mental and physical.

Unbelievable how I didn’t see this when I watched the movie. But I wasn’t even asking questions about my own existence and the part I play within how everything is existing here.  It seemed easier to wonder off in my mind of distractions within hopes and dreams that were not even real and in fact it was all self dishonesty.

The truth is he isolated himself from the world because of fears, and like us all he feared facing himself within all that is here, within what we have all accepted and allowed… His story is a perfect example of how the mind will kill us if we continue to participate within and as it.  If we are directed according to our feelings and emotions which begin with our thought participation, then we are creating our own demise.

Our mind is the perfect murdering system of consciousness.  Because when we participate and allow our mind of dishonesty to direct us, then we become our own murderer.  We have supported the ‘arrogance’ of ego that Chris allowed to kill him as we continue to support a ‘book’ and/or a ‘movie’ that has created him as a polarizing figure which have been romanticized and sympathetically viewed and created him as a hero. And many have taken his story and made millions and still are.

Definitely ‘Revenge of the Ego’ and in the end his ego as a ‘Mind Consciousness System’ won.

Everything that is here is supportive of the abuse that is here and allowed.  I’ll name just a few of them, the movies we see, the books we read, the products we purchase, the ‘movie stars’ and ‘musicians’ we like and pay to entertain us as well as the music we listen to.  The damn washer and dryer we use as well as all the Major Corporations within our Capitalistic System is all here to support our Current Monetary System.

And our Current Money System provides absolutely ‘No Support’ – for the lives of the beings that inhabit our planet earth.  But, make no mistake about it – the current money system gives the appearance that it does support life and that is the grand illusion that we all continue to follow like sheep to the slaughter and it sucks us in to participate and support it’s non life supportive ways.

The most insane as well as the most interesting part of all of this mess we’re in is that we can only blame ourselves because without our participation – the current ‘Capitalistic System’ would crumble. It only exists because we allow it to and we support it!

People may accuse Desteni Universe of being a cult, but what they have assisted me in realizing, about myself and this world, that I am responsible for, as we all are –  is absolutely priceless.  You can’t even put a value on the assistance they offer because nothing of this world holds a value as True and Equal to all Life as Desteni Universe.  Their message is the One Message that will literally Save the World.  One by One, each and every one of us must face ourself in self honesty and self forgiveness, and to do that requires a lot of assistance.  One thing for sure is that one must be willing to face Self.  The only place anyone is going to get adequate self honest hard core self assistance is at Desteni The Home of Oneness and Equality.

Another thing they’ve assisted me with,  is beginning to realize for myself, that the smallest beings here on our planet, such as insects and ants, are more aware of themselves and this world than we as humans are.  They have to be in order to exist here.  Imagine if everything in Our/Their world was as giant to us as an insect and ants world is to them.  We as the giants – they must be aware of so we don’t kill them.  We barely even notice them and they are more aware of themself and their/our world than we can even begin to imagine about ourself and our/their world.  That’s all we’ve got is images in our mind.  They don’t have time to exist in their mind because to do that, will cost them their life. The mind consciousness system designs cannot even comprehend such a thing. And it’s costing us Our own life.

We better stop looking for Hero’s in moving pictures before we commit our own Murder because Hero’s and Murderer’s are idea’s of our Mind, and that makes them essentially one in the same.