We are torturing ourselves

My SRA lesson today was very self assisting.  However, when I first began to verify with muscle communication what I had written it was not verifying as the projection point to be correct.  I knew this to be so but I was experiencing difficulty still in my understanding of my lesson and saw where I was wanting to compromise myself so I stopped and re-read my lesson.   I had my undergarment in hand which is part of this particular lesson and still nothing was coming forth and I wasn’t going to allow myself to give up so one at a  time I put them each one on and I breathed.   Still nothing.  Then I directed myself by speaking out loud to myself so as to hear and assist myself to realize that everything and all that I have accepted and allowed my mind as me to be is me and there is nothing I can truly hide from myself if I am willing to in self honesty face myself.   In that moment I gave myself permission and confirmed to myself that I will trust myself to just write out whatever comes forth and then I can verify with muscle communication. I also re-read Sunette’s ‘Practical Desteni Blog’ which assisted me as well.  Specifically where she says:

Projection-Thoughts are thoughts that manifest in a ‘flash of a Moment’, wherein – you’ll see yourself ‘projected’ into and as an experience/moment within and as your Mind, other-Than and different-from the Moment in which you’re currently standing in actual-reality, and who and how you are within and as Actual-reality.


This was the assistance I required.  I began to write and I was able to verify with muscle communication the relevant  projection point manifestation for each one.   It will be interesting to meet and verify these points and either way the application was very cool assistance.  I was able to open up points that made sense within myself but ones I would have not realized easily if not for SRA.  It is a definite journey of self to begin to realize how we are manifesting ourself and our world.  I was able to connect the context to and saw the relation of them to what I’ve been experiencing, facing and participating in within my actual reality – and it was definitely “a ulterior-projected version”  – as Sunette further explains in her blog. See link below.

One in particular that I will share was seeing my physical body as slouchy and withdrawn like a gloomy picture of myself crawling and there is a dull greenish greyish blob thing attached and is surrounding the top center of my stomach and rib cage area.  I’m all alone and there is a darkness surrounding me like it’s hovering and I am wanting to release and/or escape the blob thing because it’s causing dull pain and I am reaching towards the darkness. That was all there was to it and it was like a flash that I never noticed before.

Was also interesting that I was actually feeling a pressing discomfort within my physical body at the same moment and within the same area as I was writing and describing about.
The emotion word related that tested was ‘acrimony’ and the definition which I didn’t know and had to look up is, ‘harshness, bitterness of nature, animosity and spite’.

It all made sense within me how this is related and is where a definition of myself within what I have accepted and allowed to exist, as animosity and spite is manifesting and located.  I then recalled the article and video I had researched on starvation and the area of the blob thing on my physical related to the same area where one begins to first feel the physical manifestations of starvation. In our epigastrium, which is located in the upper to middle region of our abdomen and is accompanied with a gnawing pain.

The compounding affects and manifested consequential outflows of power and money and survival based instinct patterns.  Then compounded further in animosity and spite as have I participated in egotistic thought patterns of always wanting to win and to be better and have more than others as I have begged for specialness and uniqueness and spent my whole life existing as such.  All of which I have accepted and allowed.

All of which have supported our enslavement process and manifests starvation.  Earth has become the definition and existence of the definitions that we as human beings have become and we have forgotten our structural existence of the plants and trees and insects and animals while we search to be better than everything and all here.  Everything here is a representation of ourself and our separations of each other.  We’re so equal with everything that is here and until and when we decide to get self honest and realize this – we’re so fucked.   We are torturing ourselves. To support all life Equally with an Equal Money System is the beginning supportive solution for All – so we can begin to stop all the mess we’ve each together created.

Follow up later – after verifying with my SRA buddy Andrea



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