My Teachers Are Small

My day began with a short skype chat with Sylvia which was very cool because she’s in my SRA class at Desteni.  I was allowing myself to feel rather stupid because I had misinterpreted my latest lesson assignment but also relieved because my physical uneasiness that began when I began the lesson – which was one I was having trouble pinpointing,  stopped when Andrea pointed out my error in the lesson.  Then I knew that I had allowed a major mindfuck and no wonder my physical was screaming for me to realize it. I had to laugh at my error but also learned a valuable lesson for myself to pay more attention to instructions and not to hesitate to ask for assistance.  It was assisting to share with Sylvia and her feedback was simple and assisting as she understood.  I also noticed when I was chatting with Sylvia how on skype it says her location, which is in Italy. I remembered when I use to daydream of visiting Italy so it was cool to be chatting with someone who lives there.  A point to realize is how other locations around the world always seem so fascinating compared to where I live.  The truth is all is here wherever I am breathing and so really I saw how unrealistic my past daydreams have been. They’ve just been another place within which to become distracted by my mind.

My day was rather quiet and simple as I cared for my granddaughter while her momma was working.  I enjoy her and she’s becoming much more aware of her world which is really cool to be a part of.  Her and I watch the birds and now we have another view of them.  We put up another bird feeder this past saturday about 75 feet from our front door and today I caught a glimpse on three different occasions of the most beautiful woodpecker.  He is really big and I saw him fly high and land atop a really tall tree where it looked as if he may have his nest.  He’s not really very sociable with other birds from what I’ve seen so far.  The birds here are accumulating more every day and I find myself fascinated in watching them.  My days are rather simple but I’m learning about myself in the simplicity that is all around me.

Lessons for myself are everywhere is what I’m realizing. This time of year it’s really cold outside and the past three years there is one area around my kitchen sink where ants have always liked to gather. The area is also where I prepare meals and clean dishes so about a month and a half ago when I began to see so many of them I began to ask them if they would please not accumulate in that area because I didn’t want to accidentally wash them down the sink or squash them.  Obviously they didn’t answer me which showed me I was not equal as them so I just kept talking to them and became aware of them and have been very careful not to cause them harm.  I also began to leave crumbs on a white sheet of paper when I was not using the area. I put the crumbs on the paper so I would be aware if they were taking the crumbs for their food.  It’s been cool to see that they have been and I’ve recorded them carrying it away with them, but with my camera it’s just not easily seen.  I have realized within this mini experiment something very interesting in that ants are really very polite. I see them rarely now except when I put them some crumbs on the paper and sometimes I’ll see some in the middle of the night.   They have stopped getting on food as I’m preparing meals, nor do they hang around in the sink now and it seems we’ve reached an understanding between us.  So what I know for sure is that ants really are very polite.  And lately the teachers in my world are very small.