Blue Lagoon

I completed a lesson in SRA in which the lesson assisted me in identifying and establishing projection construct points.  Was interesting because as I began the lesson I found it difficult to identify past memories that was associated with the points I was working with in my lesson.  I knew this was suppression and more than likely unconscious resistance that I was facing so I knew that I had to get up and move myself and remain breathing.  I slowed myself down and didn’t allow myself to become in a hurry.  Why hurry anyway because what I’m doing is assisting myself in facing past buried memories and constructs that I have existed as for so long that they are suppressed within me and must be faced and released.

I stretched and I walked for a bit, remained aware of my breathing and then the past memories that came forth tested through muscle communication to be accurate. It turned out I required 12 specific memories as a part of my current lesson.  Once I recalled the first one, the rest seemed to come forth with ease. Easier than my last lesson which was similar. I did notice some energy associated with one specific memory, but was surprised I was able to remember them at all.

After I completed the lesson I realized that something seemed ‘off’ within myself and then I realized that I was still participating and existing as one of the last memory and projection constructs within a point that I had identified and established.

It was as if the ‘resonant essence projection-point manifestation’ as the emotion and the word associated had attached itself to me and I had a moment of difficulty in releasing it because I was accepting and allowing it.

I had to stop because it seemed as if life was being sucked right out of me and I knew I had to look further into the point. The emotion word tested for the memory construct was ‘ostracize’ which was interesting because that was exactly how to describe the emotional feeling of myself. I verified the definition through muscle communication, which really I already knew to be so within myself and I knew the self forgiveness required.

My physical body seemed unsettled and uncomfortable so I knew I had to assist myself and I decided to take a hot bath.  I relaxed in a full tube of hot water and applied self forgiveness out loud and remained aware of myself breathing. The water seemed to assist me to release the past me within what I had once accepted and allowed myself to be and become. No longer did my physical seem off and unsettled.

When I decided to take a bath – I didn’t consider a point within the memory construct itself – which was one involving water.  A blue lagoon to be specific.

This day and my SRA lesson was very self supportive.


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