Simplistic and Profound


Sissy is one of our puppies, she’s 9 months old and prefers to be outside but also enjoys coming in and playing with our other dog Bella.  My granddaughter Emmeline was sitting in her baby seat which sits low on the floor and she was watching Bella and Sissy wrestle and play with each other. Sissy began to make a sort of loud growly snarly noise as Bella was lightly nipping at her.  As Emmeline watched them she suddenly grew really red in the face as if she was holding her breath and about to cry but she never made a sound.  I watched this unfolding and breathed through the desire to tell both dogs to settle down so as to not scare the baby.  Breathing is how I realized that the moment Emmeline’s face turned red, both Sissy and Bella stopped for a split second and glanced up at Emmeline as if to say ‘it’s cool, we’re just playing’, and then went right back to playing together as they were before and Emmeline’s red face cleared and she began to smile at them.

This was one of those moments that causes one to realize once again, that animals, babys, all of nature, have an unspoken simplicity about them that goes waaaaaaaaaay beyond expressions as words that we humans have come to exist as and understand.  Words were not even required and all was well.  I am grateful that I stopped and breathed and allowed the three their self expressions in the moment.  The example shown was simplistic and profound.


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What is the Desteni ‘I’ Process (DIP):
It is the process of the ‘I’ in this world. As Humans we exist as the ‘I’ – the “who am ‘I’”, the “how am ‘I’”, the “why am ‘I’”, the “what am ‘I’”, the “where am ‘I’” – All the questions about the ‘I’.