Points Of Attack

Facing today points of attack of which there were two, where in the past I would have accepted and allowed them to be and become who I am.  The points of attack and the energy that surrounded me, begging me to become it, is one that really makes no sense as I’ve been breathing through them.  The first one was when I turned on the tv and is interesting because that will often summon forth from within me points in which I want to attack, and I don’t mean physically, I mean that I deeply desire to verbally attack.  That’s a flag point right there because it’s my mind that wants to begin attacking with spoken words and when I allow that, whoever is close by and hears me (which is usually Randy) often gets sucked into my point of attack also.  Energetic outflows are invisible, yet are very powerful tactics that mind consciousness systems access to further control us – which keeps us stuck within our minds – instead of remaining here breathing within and as our physical.

In stopping myself from becoming obsessed and possessed within the energy of attack I realized that I have to direct myself within the ‘Principle of Equality’ and to share myself in self honesty with regards to whatever situation it is that I am requiring to express of myself.  I have crossed that line many times within and as the resonance energy point of attack where there is no turning back from, there is only to stop.  Sharing and expressing myself is vital whether that be by writing and/or speaking because it is to face the point and not suppress it within myself.

The first flag point, where I wanted to attack today was seeing a tv game show which is a remake of an old game show called ‘Let’s Make A Deal’.
Ok, so I use to watch the original game show when I was young. The original began in 1963, and basically it’s about contestants who get picked according to the costume their wearing and whether or not it’s ‘liked’ the best by the host and producers of the show.  If picked, they are then given prize money or a prize concealed, such as in a box, wallet or purse, or the player might be initially given a box or curtain. Then they are offered the opportunity to trade for another prize and take the chance of the prize being of more or less value.  The choices are concealed on stage behind one of three curtains, or behind boxes or large panels painted to look like boxes.  If they choose something of more value then they are most likely offered another chance, though if their choice is of lesser value, no other chance is given.

I can remember when I was a child watching the show and I remember wondering why people will dress up in costumes for the chance to win money and/or prizes, but I never allowed myself to look further to investigate for myself why they were really accepting and allowing this.  I allowed myself to be pulled into the energy of seeing someone ‘winning’ and then became lost within my own desire of ‘winning’ becoming lost in the images of my mind. Interesting the way our programs run and are activated according to the input that we accept and allow.

What often seems like innocent viewing, was really assisting me to continue accepting and allowing the programming nature of my mind. People watch tons of game shows where people are willing to behave in ways that are required in order to win money. Take away the money and these shows would no longer exist.  Fascinating.  I remember wanting to be a contestant on a game show called ‘Match game’, because when I played along at home I would match others responses quite often.  Shit.  I see now how that was just me walking along the pre-designed programmed path regularily scheduled.

No More Deals – Only Breath.

Clearly our current money system supports and instigates game shows as a means of supporting the already misguided dreams of our minds as there are plenty of them.  Some where people are jumping on adult made jungle gym type contraptions and those that require extensive knowledge and information from within our current educational system.

Always you are able to see who the sponsors are as they advertise themselves during the show as well as during the commercials in between the show.  The sponsors are those of sports organizations and government agencies such as the army, marines, air force, large corporations sponsor to increase their sales such as with beer commercials, and even charitable organizations are in on the gig. The two basic tasks of marketing communications are ‘message creation’ and ‘message dissemination’.  Media planning supports ‘message dissemination’.

Interesting word – dissemination.  Dissemination is a verb meaning to scatter or spread  widely,  as  though  sowing  seed;  promulgate  extensively;  broadcast;  disperse

The mess-age of the system supports seeds of abuse

So this being the starting point,  ‘Message Dissemination’, the creation of tv and tv game shows and all the commercials, it is no wonder the energies that triggered my point of wanting to verbally attack were triggered.  Which is cool because it opened up a point within me to face and stop.

Truth is, our current money system sucks, and it is so obvious that it does not support all life equally. We have to stop selling ourselves to a system that doesn’t really give a rats ass about any of us. We are merely a means of support. Support that we can stop.  We are the very system that we support and there is no one to blame or to attack because that only provides the energy for the system to continue feeding and thriving within abuse.
When we all together put the same effort into the planning and strategies of implementing an ‘Equal Money System’, our world will become so effective that we will exist within ‘Heaven on Earth’.

My second point of attack was centered around an event with one of our cars that broke down on the highway when Randy was driving to work the 23rd of Oct. 2010.  It use to be that when your car broke down while traveling on a state highway, you had 30 days with which to retrieve it before it was towed and impounded.  However, on the 25th of Oct., just 3 days later when we returned to move the vehicle it had already been impounded.  I have researched and found that we are suppose to have 30 days before a vehicle is towed, unless an officer of the law determines the vehicle must be moved because of where it is parked.  It was setting in the grass out of the way of traffic from the highway.  We are still suppose to contacted in the event this decision is made, but they did not, so we received a letter from the towing company which reads that they had auctioned the car and sold it for $525.00, and that the amount of sale did not cover their charges and that we still owe them $438.00.  LOL.  We paid $1000 for the used car which was a 1995 GEO tracker almost 3 years ago. It certainly wasn’t worth whoever paid $525 for it nor does it seem ‘fair’ that we must pay the additional $438 of which they are threatening to turn over for collection.  The location where the car broke down and the location of the wrecker service where it was towed is within 9 miles of each other – so why were the charges a total of $963 is my question and why was I not notified before the towing.  A minor representation of a system that is not ‘fair’ and certainly not ‘equal’ for all, as is clearly shown in the fact that 1.02 Billion people are estimated living starvation.

When the wrecker service called me today was when I was surrounded by Points of Attack …

I listened carefully to the lady as I stopped myself from interrupting and I breathed. I realized that she is acting as her job requires of her within this system of abuse and that it makes no sense to verbally attack her.  That ultimately and always I am responsible for myself and my creations within this world.  In self honesty, I asked her if she would provide me with the name of the officer who made the call to tow the car so that I may contact the appropriate people to see why we were not contacted and given the 30 days to move the car from the location.  She agreed.  I will be contacting them tomorrow, and I am going to be self responsible and face whatever consequences that I have created.  If we are responsible for the fees, then they will be paid, even if they are paid in monthly payments.  Goddamn money system that I have accepted and allowed must be brought to a Stop.

No more unnecessary charges – No more accepting and allowing our fate in accordance to a corrupt money system – No more debt system – No more insanity – No more supporting and creating further human suffering – No more poverty – No more starvation

Is assisting to write these points out to self witness the ‘points of attack’ disengaging.

Self trust accumulating within every word I write.  As well as assisting myself in self forgiveness.

I stop. I breathe. I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed, participated, supported and created the current money system to exist as a system of abuse.
I direct me here as all as One as Equal.

An Equal Money System – Stops all Abuse – I am 1 Vote for an ‘Equal Money System’ and ‘World Equality’
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