The Best Jobs In America 2011 – Only The Way Of Equality

Sharing my perspective here – regarding a job rankings article that was recently published based on survey results. Here for myself I am evaluating careers of the rankings and the positioning within our current money system and the importance of Equality within these positions. So which jobs are said to be the best jobs in America for 2011?  Beginning with number ten til I get to number one. The following is notes I made for myself while researching as well as transcription from my sharing in my videos that I made.

#10 is a Dental Hygienist, Average Salary $87,000
A dental hygienist specializes in preventive oral health, typically focusing on techniques of oral hygiene.
Seeing this picture represents for me how the system keeps scaling each and everyone of us. The dental hygienist assists us in maintaining our own ‘crown of thorns’,  and ironically, we continue to accept and allow it.  Everyone fears having bad teeth because we know our current system supports the importance of maintaining certain looks of our physical body within a position of superiority in our world, so we will do whatever it takes to ensure we maintain perfect teeth.

Our crown of thorns represents our structured limitations. I heard Bernard share this in a video and here is the link,

Thorns in the Crown of Jesus:


This makes sense, and when I share with someone about an Equal Money System or World Equality – it’s often just like pulling a tooth that’s not yet to willing to be released.  Holding onto us in every way possible so as to not hear the message of Equality. Self forgiveness in self honesty will release our crown of thorns/ego and our systems of  abdicating ourself as life while we bare our own cross will be released.
#9 is Audiologist, Average Salary $63,000]

Audiologists specialize in the study of:
* Normal and impaired hearing.
* Prevention of hearing loss.
* Identification and assessment of hearing and balance problems.
* Rehabilitation of persons with hearing and balance disorders.


The sounds of our world are vital in maintaining our current structure within maintaining our current money system, and to remind us to hear our words,  and to remind us how and what we have created.  So far we continue to hear our mind creations existing as our thoughts manifested. One thing I have realized recently in walking my process of self forgiveness, especially since we began supplying the birds here with equal amounts of food to support them.  Is that, one by one more birds are accumulating daily and they have assisted me to stop being in a ‘hurry to hear’.  My hearing seems slower, as if it is stablizing.


I’m becoming more aware of the sounds of my physical world – such as the birds outside my window, the wind blowing, a frequent late night visitor tha is a mouse I’ve yet to see.  It’s like hearing all that I use to take for granted and within it all there is a balancing of me as my physical self.  In self honesty, when we become our own Audiologist, we will assist ourself and others to hear the words and meaning of Equality as All as One as Equal.
Suggest hearing the video:

Hearing Words Here Equally


#8 is a Historian, Average Salary $63,000
Historians spend their careers researching history and the significance of various events in history of which keeps us stuck there which we accept and allow and then we discontinue asking question and realizing for ourself what is really going within and as this world.
I’m realizing that I am only “real” in every moment if I am really honest with ourself. The only reason I see need for a Historian is to assist us in remembering and stopping any further projections onto our world so we will once and for all Stop.  Stop manifesting Atrocity.


#7 Biologist, Average Salary $74,000
A Bioligist studies the actions and processes that are involved in living organisms and their relationship to their environment.


We are in essence our own Biologist. The cells of our DNA are our systems that act as self as we are the image of our environment and nature evolves as our mind evolves.  When we equalize the resonance as self,  all parts of self as all as one will come together within the ‘Principle of Equality’.


#6 Meteorologist, Average Salary $85,000
A Meteorologist works within a science that deals with the atmosphere and its phenomena and especially with weather and weather forecasting.


Makes sense how we forecast and project our atmostfearic pressures in manifested forms.  How is it that we came to rely upon fears to determine our reality for us.  We are capable of facing our fears of self within self honesty and self forgiveness and directing ourself one and equal to all here.
For specifics regarding our current conditions hear this video:


Birds Dying 2011 falling from the sky !!

#5 Computer System Analyst, Average Salary $77,000
A Computer System Analyst, they figure out how to use computers to get things done. They tell businesses and other organizations which computers and software to buy, and they decide how to get those tools to work together.  Their work begins with them asking people what they need their computers to do. Then, they plan a computer system that can do those tasks well.


Actually, we must all become a computer system analyst of ourselves in seeing how our mind decides and controls how we as our physical is manifesting and functioning as.  How we are individually together creating and supporting a system that does not support all Life Equally. The computer System Analyst thus far have existed according to money and greed. This must stop.


#4 Statistician, Average Salary: $73,000
A Statistician requires you have a strong mathematical aptitude and are defined as, “a mathematician specializing in statistics,” or “a compiler of statistical data.”

They are able to apply their mathematical and statistical knowledge of numerical information to assist in designing surveys and experiments. They must be able to collect and analyze numerical data and they must also be able to explain the data.


Easy to understand why and how our current system requires this profession to support itself. This will stop.  Replacements for these positions will be those who stand equal and one with everything and all here.


#3 Actuary, Average Salary $87,000
An Actuary – I’m learning for myself here. Because I don’t know exactly the definition as defined by our current system.  However, my perspective is an ‘Actuary’ will accumulate themself within self-honest realizations here within and as the physical walking self forgiveness within actual physical self willed actions moving self within the ‘Principle of Equality’. Where one is then able to share as a living example to all that are here – that in fact we are all as one as Equal to everything and all here. Living examples all around us as our world the visual proof of who we are, how we’re existing, what we’ve accepted and allowed and how we are responsible for bringing about World Equality.  Beginning with an Equal Money System  – which will support all life here from birth til death.


What is is the definition of an ‘Actuary’ within our current system and what is their responsibilities.  Who are they to be and become in order for the system to support them to eat and have a home and to have the so called ‘finer’ things of life.
An ‘Actuary’ defined by the current capitalist system is that they solve problems in the business world by analyzing and managing risks. To become an actuary, you have to pass a series of exams administered by the ‘Society of Actuaries’ and/or the ‘Casualty Actuarial Society’.
Actuaries must be well versed in mathematics, they are also knowledgeable about computer science, economics, pertinent social issues, and the law. Actuaries evaluate financial risks using their business and analytical skills and primarily work for insurance companies, consulting firms, and government organizations.  They also work for universities, banks and investment firms, the largest of corporations, accounting firms, hospital and physician organizations, rating bureaus, labor unions, etc.


Wow,  paid only $87,000 a year as you provide caculated support for a system that exists as your enslaver.
Obviousely, Self honest, self responsible, self willed individuals who support all Life Equally is the most important qualification acceptable as this profession.


#2 Mathematician, Average Salary $94,000
Mathematicians solve business, economic, engineering, physics, and scientific problems by using and applying mathematical theory. They start with a set of basic principles and develop systems to solve problems. They often use computers to analyize relationships among concepts and to solve complex issues by creating models with different solutions. Theoretical mathematicians improve knowledge in mathematics by developing new principles and identifying new relationships between existing mathematical principles. And, they use methods and theories to create and solve practical problems in business, engineering, government, and the life of physical  and social sciences.  So, they begin with a practical problem, imagine the separate concepts, and reduce the concepts into mathematical variables.
Again, only 94,000 to basically program society to exist as it is currently.


Here I invite Bernard Poolmans perspective.  He says it the best with regards to effective individuals who will be and become all future mathematicians.


Suggest hear complete video:

Every Breath is a Mathematical Equation


Here is a quote Bernard from a portion of that video:

“Who you are is determined through your breath as a ‘Mathematical’ Equation of 1+1+1+1 equals self. And therefore the nice thing about this reality and why it exists is that here everyone was placed in Equality. The Equality that exists here proves beyond a shadow of a doubt who each person is and according to that the line is drawn before existence will continue.  And once your accounting is done – you have no excuse because you have done it.

And that’s the nice thing about reality – Regret always comes to late. Therefore, we suggest act in every breath and make sure that that breath and that action is visible for all to see who you are no matter what. That you are not hiding, that you have no secret agenda. That there is no secret thoughts and judgments about others. That you do not spend your time in evil – evil is where you are not supporting life – where you’re interested in yourself and your personality. You’re not living as a ‘Principle of Equality’ as life here. And understand, in a ‘physical polarity’ system,  like breath is a physical polarity system because it’s in out. There’s a physical polarity you are here subject to physical polarity. Do not go into mind polarity, that’s not real.  Physical polarity means you need to eat, you need to breathe to exist. That is what has made everyone Equal. There are no Gods here.”

Thankyou for Bernard Poolman


And now the number one obsession and possession,  I mean profession is:
#1 Software Engineer, Average Salary $87,000

The Softsware Engineer designs, develops and test runs software programs. It makes sense within the current money system to pay one less than number two.  I suppose because without number two, the Mathematician, there would be no job for a ‘Software Engineer’ or for number three; The Actuary who each earn the same.
Interesting mathematical equation right there! Is the picture presented presentation for this profession implying the complexity of ‘mind consciousness system’ designs – representative as us humans as we continue to build threads of knowledge and information within our mind as we participate in our thoughts, and how we exist and depend on our feelings and emotions based soley upon the direction of the current money system which again, does not support all Life Equally.


In writing the number one job I recalled an article by Sunette on the Desteni Universe website called ‘The Structure of the Nurturing-System’.


Please, read the full article at provided link.
…”In the chest-area exists the ‘power system’ from which ‘power’ is distributed to, within and as the entire mind consciousness system as it exists within and as the human physical body. ‘Power’ or ‘charge’ is derived from the ‘power source’ in the sacrum-point, ‘channeled’ to the ‘power-system’ in the chest-area and from there distributed into and as the entire mind consciousness system in and as the physical. – The-Manifested-Physical-Nurturing-System-of-the-mind-consciousness-system.


Thus, all of the mind consciousness system comes together at ‘one-point’ which is within the chest-area as the mind consciousness system’s ‘power-system.’ From there, all of the mind consciousness system as all its parts, sections and constructs gets an ‘equal’ amount of ‘power.’


Always use condoms so as to prevent new uploaded information unto and as yourself.


That’s us – Mind Consciousness Systems – was quite a shock when I first began to self realize that I have in fact became exactly what I was programmed to be – which is why I began stopping myself, and applying self-forgiveness and facing myself in self honesty.  When you begin realize for yourself what you have accepted and allowed – and that you no longer have to accept and allow that of who you are here as all as one as Equal – you won’t hesitate in supporting an Equal Money System and World Equality.


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Thanks for reading and following through in facing yourself in self honesty, here in breath as all as one as Equal.

Support an Equal Money System and World Equality
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Throughout the history of our world we can see that this Structural Resonance is not aligned in oneness and equality for all through the examples of war, greed and constant conflict.
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