How come with all the problems that exist in this world, no one wants to discuss a real solution for the serious problems within our Current Money System.  The blame game for the world’s problems will rest upon many but who will realize that money is what makes the world go round – but only when ‘it’ does.  Nothing happens until ‘money’ gives its permission and if you don’t have money – then you don’t have permission.

Money sets the standards and patterns in which our individual human interactions and economic activities are organized.  The standards and patterns are clearly destructive to the society of human life and health as well as the dignity of every living being existent here.

Limitation of all life forms rest within the say so of those who have money – while the rest of the 1 billion people starving around the world as well as the lives of all living beings are disregarded.
Money is the standard within which we value all life.  We exist as such because money has ‘rights’ marked on it and without it, you have ‘no rights’.  Money moves everywhere and anywhere and not only within a nation but also across borders.  Many will say that money is not that important to them, all the while they struggle and live in fear for their own survival within the fear of not having money.

The consequences to life without money within homes, communities, and throughout the World where one does not have money is predictable and observable – yet who is seeing that a solution for all is necessary.

All around the world people are struggling and dying, and the money that was coming in, isn’t, and the money that was perceived to be there, is gone.  If you cannot see the problems within our Current Money System – then you are living in a dream world of your mind –  because fear and struggle for survival is happening everywhere all the time right before your eyes, if only you’ll see.  Even if you have money, understand that money leaves things undone that brings forth the required necessities for all life to exist here in dignity.

The consequences and conditions imposed upon all life caused by our Current Money System leaves one to question the very strategies within which our Current Money System was found upon.  Money is required to live and money is in short supply for the 1.02 billion who are starving.  Existing and living life as a being who have been born here on this planet should not be a competition.

Social behavior arises and is set by the very nature of the Current Money System that drives it. The Current Capitalistic Money System has driven us all straight to hell.  Don’t be fooled that the conditional and predictable nature and behavior of money will not find it’s way to your front door, because it will.

Money is not the ‘real’ problem because money is just a ‘tool’ within which to operate and survive within this world. So when we offer each and every living being here on this earth access to the very tool within which to live a life in dignity – in which to provide the required necessities that our physical body requires – then, ‘Heaven on Earth’ will emerge.

For us to believe that our Current Money System is just the way it is and cannot be easily stopped and redesigned is pure insanity within and as a pre-programmed mindset.  It can be stopped and redesigned.  An ‘Equal Money System’ and ‘World Equality’ – is the Only Solution to our current World Problems.

An ‘Equal Money System’ will provide each one with an efficient system.  One within which human and economic resources and conditions will be provided for all that will benefit all life Equally.

Support an ‘Equal Money System’,  as it is the only real alternative and immediate solution – where all will be provided ‘Equal Money’ – ‘From Birth til Death’.


Easy-Peasey And Practical Equality



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