Interview with Agreement

This Interview from Desteni Forums is so assisting that I am sharing here for self reference. Enjoy.
Bernard: Ok, bring me Agreement. 

(Sunette breathes in, breathes out. Agreement is here)

Please explain yourself.

Agreement: Explain myself?

B: Yeah, what is an agreement.
A: Agreement is where two beings agree to support and assist themselves to LIVE and express and be self-honest. And that’s it.
B: Is it a process?
A: No.
B: Is it in every breath?
A: Yes.
B: Ok go a little bit into detail.

A:Well, I mean, how relationships work in this reality, in this world, it’s like, where two beings feel some shit towards each other, and then it goes: ‘Hey I’m feeling something towards this person. This is interesting, let me explore this feeling.’ And then it’s interpreted in their mind as being attracted to that person and then they attract to each other like magnets, deliberately attracting each other to each other, and ehm, then this experience they had towards each other dies and it’s not there anymore and then the relationship falls. Alright?

Now, what is fascinating is that beings constantly and continuously went into such relationships where – it’s like: ‘I feel something towards you’ and ‘I feel something towards you’, ‘Oh that must mean we’re attracted to each other, so let’s go into relationship with each other’. And then it’s like ‘Oh no, I don’t have that feeling anymore’ and ‘Oh no, me neither’, ‘Ok bye’, and then part, and then it happens again towards someone else –same attraction, relationship, not feeling it anymore, and ‘ok bye’… That type of thing.

Now what are those feelings experienced towards another being? These feelings experienced towards another being is manifested as various different constructs and systems within the mind consciousness system to preoccupy beings. Relationship was designed to preoccupy. Because –have a look, when you’re in relationship, what exists? Only that other person and your experience of that other person and that’s it. Your whole world, your whole mind, your whole reality just revolves around that one person, and that’s to where your world extends. And that’s it. Completely lost in preoccupation, in the relationship design construct of the mind, that is perpetuated by a feeling that is merely electrical initiative sparks.

I mean, that’s what a feeling is: sparks, that’s set off in your mind consciousness system and your mind consciousness system rubs against your physical human body and creates a feeling and then you experience this feeling and then you see a person suddenly and then you go: ‘Fuck, this feeling must be because of that person’. When actually it’s just sparks being set off inside your physical human body in a particular moment that’s designed according to your pre-programmed life experience.

So, beings’ lives were pre-programmed. So, like, let’s say you’re sitting in a bar, in a club, and all of a sudden this electrical spark friction movement goes off between your physical and your mind consciousness system and in that moment you suddenly look at a person. And the same thing happens in that other person. And then, the two think: ‘Oh my god, this must be the one.’ And then they go into relationship and the friction only lasts for so long and then they were preoccupied for a year or two… and nothing of that whole relationship, that whole experience was real in any way whatsoever, because it was merely a moment pre-programmed into their life design, where their physical and their mind consciousness system was set off to cause friction, which is an electrical impulse experience and that experience was related to who they looked at in that moment.
That’s how it previously worked. So any relationship that you have had was not real. Can you see that? (Yeah) At all. If you have an electrical feeling experience towards someone –that’s not real. Makes sense? (Yeah)

An agreement is an entire different scenario. Now – agreement does not work on feeling, agreement does not work on an experience towards another –it cannot. Why? That would be ultimate separation! If you experience something towards someone, it’s like having an experience towards yourself. You know? Even sex is the same thing. You’re having sex with yourself, so you might as well put yourself right on top of you or behind you or whatever way you like it. Because it’s YOU, alright? What creates your perceptual reality, your perceptual experience towards another is that point of accepted and allowed separation. You separate yourself from another and, as has been explained, if you separate yourself from the mind, it causes friction. That friction causes all sorts of experiences inside you that you define according to someone that you make eye contact with. Which has got nothing to do with that someone you make eye contact with, it’s simply electrical impulses being experienced within yourself, it’s friction.

B: That’s a point here: obviously, stopping the mind does not mean separating yourself from the mind. Obviously, the point is NO SEPARATION. You’re stopping the mind, you’re not separating yourself. Ok? Go on.

A: So, hear me: Agreements, for those who are in process, like you guys here, are not gonna be simple. It’s not going to be easy. It’s not going to be a 1-2-3 lala-land experience. Because that’s not real –that’s relationship bullshit. Agreement is a self-directive decision to walk with another that is yourself, to on a more one-to-one personal basis assist yourself and yourself as the other to live and express and be self-honest. It is not related to or connected to feelings or thoughts or anything in that category at all. In other words, if you have thoughts or feelings or experiences towards another being –it is not real. It is relationship bullshit that is manifesting through your mind, and if you’re going to allow yourself to follow that, you’re going to only manifest a time loop. Because those feelings and shit eventually die off. Because energy can only sustain itself for so long.

So there will be many let’s call it temptations in front of your doors, where you’ll suddenly have these experiences towards another person, and then you’ll want to excuse and justify in your mind that, you know: ‘This might be the person I should be with’. And if you fall for that, you’re gonna time loop. Alright. No agreement will be linked to feelings.

For example Ivan and Bella. They have no feelings towards each other at the moment. All that exists is… almost like a sense of disgust. You can’t stand each other. You just don’t wanna be with each other. Complete total entire resistance. That is perfect. That’s where you want to be. That’s what is real. Why do I say that? Because, whenever you have such experiences towards another human being, you know you’re at the right place. Because you’re at the point of actually standing before you, absolutely, totally and completely.

B: Esteni, what was your experience with me? Esteni, what was your experience in the beginning with me? Did you want to be with me?
Esteni: No, I didn’t.
B: You couldn’t stand me.
E: No, I resisted a lot. I wanted to run away the whole time. But you kept on being there, being stable, leaving all doors open, yet directing at the same time.
B: Ok.

A: Agreements are going to be a very tough, hard, difficult walk. In the beginning. Because, you’re gonna face you, head on, face on, straigh on, absolutely. Does that make sense? (Yeah) And I’d suggest- why do we suggest agreements? Because of that. Just that: that you’re gonna be facing yourself with another, head on, straight on, face on, in fuckin’ every single moment, unstoppable, the whole time continuously –so you can’t run away from yourself. Does that make sense?

B: If you’re looking for an easy agreement – you are dishonest.

A: Yeah.
If you don’t have an agreement, your process will be longer, because then you’re gonna have to face yourself out in the matrix, meaning in the world, through events, through circumstances, through experiences, through different people. And that takes a lot longer, facing yourself that way. So I suggest rather go into an agreement, because there you stand in front of all of you, as another being, face to face.

Now, it’s also not even a particular being. Why do I say that? Each being is you. And all human beings are exactly the same. Make sense? (Yeah) Except the point where I said that: if you have feelings towards someone, that’s not where you’re supposed to go, because all that’s gonna happen there is you’re gonna support your mind. You have to go to the place where you resist the most. All resistances is points of facing self. All points of ‘Aah! I want to go there, I desire to be that, I desire to experience that’ –that’s mind support. Because it’s perpetuated by energetic experiences.

Bella and Ivan –you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be.

B: And you know that. You just have to really allow each other- each other’s space. You’re not allowing that yet. You’re consuming each other, instead of allowing each other space. It’s still an individual process.
A: It’s always individual, it’s always only yourself –yourself simply walking with another that is yourself, so that you can reflect you back to yourself. It’s got nothing to do with the other person. Does that make sense? You’re simply looking you straight in the face.

B: So, I mean, the word ‘love’ should never cross your lips.
A: No.

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