The Passing On Of The ‘Sins Of The Fathers’ Is In The Money Trail

Clearly, there is one thing and one thing only that we can all do for our country, our world – Support an Equal Money System

It was November 22, 1963, I was 4 1/2 when JFK was killed. I was living with my aunt, my 3 uncles and my grandparents. I remember first seeing and hear my aunt start crying and I didn’t understand why because I had never seen her cry. My aunt was – she was my ‘idea’ of a ‘fairy godmother’ because she lavished me with surprise gifts.
Her bed in her bedroom had a bookshelf for headboard where she kept all these beautiful trinkets. She would sit with me in the middle of her bed and we would gather them all around us. In these moments, was the only time I able to touch them ever so gently. She was always happy – so to see her crying such a deep hard cry was very disturbing and confusing for me. I was 4 1/2, and I didn’t understand why everyone was gathered around the tv all of a sudden and why they all had looks on their faces like demons because I had never seen that before.  They were horrified and I don’t recall asking them why but I must have because when my aunt finally calmed down where she could speak she told me that the president had just died.

This was my first experience of witnessing the reactions and fears of death. (left thigh pain)  I remember having a brief moment of disbelief  in hearing that people die and then I remember my aunt saying how the president was so young and how we only expect death to happen to us when we get older.  It all seems like a dream after that.  All I remember was feelings of fear.

I wondered how come death only happens to people to who get older and I remember falling asleep crawled up in a ball because I was scared and lonely within my experience of myself. Interesting that I’m having pain in my left side of my thigh

After researching about that time in our history it’s interesting how JFK captured the imagination of people and he inspired the youth of the world because they say of his ‘grace, charm and warm personality’.

He had a sense of humor and an excellent choice of words. (Left thigh pain) He was the youngest US President ever elected and seemed to be intelligent and a very capable leader.  Many believe you would have brought about world peace.

JFK was also famous for his quote: ‘Ask not what your country can do for you- but what you can do for your country.  I know very little about JFK, but I remember the quote being recited over and over and being taught it in school.  It’s interesting because it seems to have been used on purpose as a  form of mind control embedded within a tragedy so as to instill a belief within us to continue to support the current money system. When he died, this was repeated into the ears of the listener.

Seems innocent enough however –  JFK was said to support putting an end to the federal reserve – then he was killed. Already it’s easy to see the fears invoked upon any ‘ideas’ of changing the current system. (left thigh pain)

Then, the ‘famous’ quote: it inforces through controvery the support of the current money system – to ‘ask not’ what your country (which is really our current accepted money system) can do for you – only what can ‘you’ do for your country (our current money system) It reinforces that all remain slaves to the very system that does not support all life equally.

To have the quote repeated and repeated in the minds of all acts as disempowerment and has been a form of mind control to make money from knowledge and fear and to keep us enslaved to the current capitalist system of money.  (left thigh pain)

I see how I used this as support in the foundation of my own consciousness design and it is representative of death, except death is just the veil and I see that now. Because, I see my first fear of death began where there is exists a money trail.  The current system has been built and supported in fears and manipulipation in order to keep the money moving only for some and the rest either starve or work themselves to death.

The fears within the media keeps the energies of fear of survival circulating within all forms of mind control. And, we support the current system while over half the world is starving and the other half is awaiting their turn within the cycle of ‘The ‘sins of the fathers’ – which is a money trail – and we’re hopping along it like peter cottontail.

As long as we continue within our fear of survival where we continue in our day to day survival routines – barely seeing as half the world suffer – we will continue to support the current system of which we each one are enslaved.

Ask yourself why you do what you do that is supporting the current money system that does not in any way support all life. When we have our answer for ourself in self honesty is when we will be willing to give up everything because we’ll understand that death is only real because we created and committed ourself to it as real within our willingness in participating within greed, power and control.

We are all self responsible and are all will part of the solution according to our self honesty, self trust and self forgiveness As this we will stop fear and we will stop committing to our current accepted and allowed creation.

We have supported the lies we were given and money has been the tool to keep us in place. There will never be one single man or one single woman as the solution because the solution exists here as us all.

While researching I discovered a beautiful lie that has been upon us. Because actually, JFK  actually used only a portion of an already published quote.  Because Khalil Gibran  first published in his 1925 work titled “The New Frontier”, Thirty-six years before President Kennedy’s 1961 Inaugural Address – where he wrote:

“Are you a politician asking what your country can do for you or a zealous one asking what you can do for your country? If you are the first, then you are a parasite; if the second, then you are an oasis in a desert. Are you a merchant utilizing the need of society for the necessities of life, for monopoly and exorbitant profit? Or a sincere, hard-working and diligent man facilitating the exchange between the weaver and the farmer? Are you charging a reasonable profit as a middleman between supply and demand? If you are the first; then you are a criminal whether you live in a palace or a prison. If you are the second, then you are a charitable man whether you are thanked or denounced by the people.” Khalil Gibran

This changes things for one to be able to see how the JFK was just a placement of support and the whole meaning of the quote by JFK was one that was intended and manipulated to promote profit over the necessities of life.

We have all accepted and allowed it and have supported it within fears and greed because we secretely wish to have more than another. Stand up, educate yourself and support and Equal Money System and World Equality.

Investigating further what left thigh pain represents according to my structural resonance –

Venos Structual Resonance: Full Article Here Regarding Thigh Points: – The chest area also represents ‘The Passing of the Sins of the Fathers’ :

The THIGH points contain your structural resonance, manifested ‘support foundation design’ – that which you have defined as the ‘support foundation’ of who you are as the structural resonance within the System.

It is also able to be defined as that which ‘balances’ and ‘stabilizes’ you within the System on earth as a structural resonance. The thighs contain your ‘balancing’ and ‘stability’ points – to maintain your controlled existence within the experience of yourself in this world so that you don’t go ‘insane’ or ‘crazy’, as per societies definition, to have to be institutionalized.

Or, to place it this way rather: To make sure that you don’t deviate from your existence within the System as a structural resonance, but remain enslaved and controlled within the System. This is done through physically manifesting the ‘support foundation design’ of the structural resonance within you during the ages from two to three years up to thirteen years of age, which assist the further development of the structural resonance as that which you will become and remain as, for the rest of your life here on earth until you die.

So, what exactly does the ‘support foundation design’ of the structural resonance consist of? The ‘support foundation design’ of the structural resonance, consist of copied/duplicated structural resonance designs from beings’ who were most influential in your world during the years from two to three up to the age of thirteen.

This being for instance, family (e.g. Parents, grandparents etc.), teacher’s and other children – even specific experiences you’ve had which influenced you drastically but could not communicate how you experienced yourself because you did not have the words/vocabulary. Such experiences remaining ‘trapped’ within you and used as either ‘protection mechanisms’ or ‘defense mechanisms’ later in your life when such experience may come forth within your world once more. Here are some examples of what the ‘support foundation design’ of the structural resonance consists of:.

This is what ensures the transfers/dupli­cations/copying of the ‘sins of the fathers’ where the parent/child relationship (including other relationships developed during the ages from two to three years up to thirteen years of age) locks in for the certainty development of the child’s becoming as a structural resonance in this world within the System. And thus, it is during this period where you assist and support yourself in becoming a structural resonance by designing your own ‘individualized support foundation design’ – thanks to your copy and duplication methodologies provided to you by your parents through the transfer and infusion of the mind consciousness systems within you during your development in the mother’s womb.

I forgive myself that I have allowed myself to believe and think that fear is real.
I forgive myself that I have allowed myself to fear being manipulated.
I forgive myself that I have allowed myself to fear starving to death.
I forgive myself that I have allowed myself to fear experiencing starvation.
I forgive myself that I have allowed myself to fear the pain of starving to death.

I forgive myself that I have allowed myself to fear not supporting the current money system.

I forgive myself the I have allowed myself to fear going to jail.
I forgive myself that I have allowed myself to fear what others will think of me if I no longer support the nonsense within this world.

I forgive myself that I have allowed myself to fear being deceived.
I forgive myself that I have allowed myself to fear trusting myself.

I forgive myself that I haven’t allowed myself to realize that the system of the world and all other human beings pre-programmed and pre-ordained life experience was set up in such a way that certain specific events take place to – instill fear in humanity so that I as all other human beings may be controlled and enslaved by fear.

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In an Equal Money System people will not mind lending a hand in the moment because we will be able to provide for ourselves, which means our level of stress will be reduced, which means our thoughts will become clearer. Our emotional level will improve and we’ll be able to experience ourselves as who we really are – for the first time in our life. Bring it on! Equal Money 4 All.


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