Self Assistance – Releasing Resistance – In Self Honesty

I have spent so much of my life stuck in a belief system about myself with regards to my lack of education and finally I have had enough.

The fault is all mine for accepting and allowing the current systems to determine for me who I will become and how I will move myself as actions of me within the system which is a design that is a part of me.

I judged myself according to what my mind perceived others would think of me or that they might not like me and in doing so I suppressed myself to a point unrecognizable even for me.

Because of this allowance of self,  I have either spoken loud nonsense within energy, or I became silence. I silenced me. Then I would allow justifications in my mind that ‘my silence’ must be caused by something or someone other than me.  The thought that someone won’t like me – was really that I wasn’t liking who I was.
More compounding then happened.  So the anger that I often sense within me is anger towards myself.  I have kept my own anger within myself to a quiet thought pattern in my secret mind that is no longer valid. I unconditionally forgive myself.

It’s like, how the hell did I exist for so long in such nonsense without considering and seeing the common sense in the effects that were accumulating by my participations in thoughts and feeling patterns as well as my emotional responses.
I have stopped. Because this was never about anyone else except me.  My own mind of which is my creation and my responsibility to stop.

I always wanted things to be ‘fair’, but ‘a fair’ is an idea of the mind – a place to ride rides that go in circles representative of the constant time loops lived of the mind –  a place of denial and dishonesty = affair
Life is not fair it is Equal. Equal as what I accept within the direction I’m allowing myself to move in self honesty and self forgiveness walking as all here.

Self Judgment Stopped.
No such thing as a fair judge ment.  The judgments I have granted upon myself do not even warrant the punishment of self abuse – that I then created as moments that I perceived were real experiences of me.
The energies are fading – the silence of me as who I am as all as one as equal is coming forth to be heard by me – to never forget what is truth in realizing who I am. I am going to muscle test to see if I must vlog. It seems I have more to say and that I must hear.

Equal is what I am and what all and everything here is. Equality individually lived as self willed actions to assist and support myself as all in every way possible in moving myself in self honesty as I face myself – to bring forth Equality and dignity for all.
Because Equality does not implore of one to give up their individuality. Equality is simply receiving exactly as one is giving.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to create a resistance toward my mind. Instead I support myself as the directive principle thus not allowing my mind to try and understand a situation or generate energy to justify itself and instead I remain in self honesty as all as one as Equal.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to forsake myself within thoughts that I then speak and live instead of realizing me here as breath and directing myself within the principle of oneness and equality standing in steadfast self willed action.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to remain silent while others suffered instead of standing as them as me as all as one as equal.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to judge myself as being uneducated instead of facing myself in self responsibility and directing myself to investigate how the current money system operates and functions and continues within the abuse and atrocity that it allows on all life. I direct and commit myself to assist and support all life equally in all ways.

Muscle tested yes to vlogging as self assistance:

Writing this out, and then allowing myself to vlog whatever come forth in the moment was so releasing and very cool self assistance.

Vlog Name & Link:

Secrets Of A Vanishing Breed