The Gift One Gives To Self – Is Equality and Oneness Accumulating

Communicated very well with my son recently.  Was interesting how I was willing to hear him within a clearer understanding of our oneness.  In facing him, I am facing me.  He said how he just doesn’t believe as I believe and that this is the cause for our differences.  Which is really true so that was cool to hear.  He specifically said this when referring to an ‘Equal Money System’ – that he knows there is assistance for those who are not able to feed themselves because his sister-in-law (who recently moved in with him and his wife) was able to, by ‘putting forth the effort’ was able to receive a substantial amount for food stamps.  I was aware of the energy surrounding me in this moment just waiting for me to ‘usher’ it in, and except it as who I am – therefore becoming unequal within our communicating.  So, I remained aware of my breathing and heard what he was saying, which assisted me to see that I use to view our current system in exactly the same way.  I was then able to reference from my past experience when volunteering for a domestic violence intervention service – where I began to realize that receiving government assistance is not so easy.

First you require a place of residence and valid ID, to provide in the paperwork to be approved.  If you’re homeless, you have no residence, some don’t even have a valid form of ID, nor the money to get one.  Now, there are laws that says no homeless person will be denied food stamps if they do to not have permanent residence.  However, try getting the paperwork through the current system and you will quickly learn that the laws of our current money system does not assist and support those who have nothing. They are quickly put to the back of the line – unless you’re fortunate enough to come across an employee within the system who isn’t yet tired of hearing the same story over and over. The stories of lack of support within the current monetary system are endless.  The same employee who is barely surviving themself – doesn’t really want to hear.  Also mentioned that plenty around the world don’t have any options as a means of support.

Also shared that it is not self supportive for anyone to have to exist within the dependency of another… Even if they are given some government assistance – there is no guarantee that it will be there forever so offers no real means of accumulative support.  An ‘Equal Money System’ – eliminates dependency – thus assists in building self trust and self responsibility.

It is interesting how our mind – just to hear the word ‘equality’ – will accept the current money system as working for all – when in fact, it is not.  A clear indicator that our education system is failing us in all areas within the current system – mainly because of lack of vocabulary and understanding.  The design is on purpose.  The comfortableness within this mindset is showing it’s effects – and will no doubt require each and every one of us to experience ourself as uncomfortable in order for us to stop and actually see all the suffering we’re accepting and allowing – because we settle within our mind of knowledge and information that has not been updated and redesigned to support all life.

I shared how, I do not ‘believe’ in an Equal Money System.  I ‘Support’ an ‘Equal Money System’, because I have stopped and seen and heard a very small amount of the suffering, and within this have began to see the role that I have played in accepting and allowing the current money system to continue.

I saw that my sharing was from a realization in what I have in self honesty been facing within myself.  This assisted me in recognizing my son as me.  I did not allow any energetic mind interference that I could see trying to be triggered by words that he was using in his language – so I was able to slip past points of conflict by speaking to his ‘mind’, as my ‘mind’ once accepted – only now, directing myself within – to remain here, equal and one as the moment.

This was fascinating to walk through. A clear indicator of how self forgiveness in self honesty assists because in realizing myself in his words – I was able to forgive myself in the moment. And, I sensed that he sensed the correction.  I became accepting of myself and in applying myself accordingly – I became receptive of him as me.  Within a quality equal of receiving.  War between us stopped.

As we ended our sharing.  He said, call me later mom

Words from him that I haven’t heard in awhile – twenty five years, to be exact.  Proof for myself – The Gift One Gives To Self – Is Equality and Oneness Accumulating

I am grateful