Drop the mAsK – unVeIL yOuRSelf

One thing that really gets me are the things we place value in where we will follow and accept the most revolting ideas all for the sake of money.

Money has become the means in which to slay the boredom of our minds.  We get bored, we look to spend money.  We consume at an alarming rate because we are reluctant to stop, breathe and face ourselves.

fraudulent spending – so much that it would take days to list them all
anyone ever hear of self honesty – throwdown the mask, drop the veil

what do people who have no money seek when the boredom of the mind looks to spend money
Imagine having no food, no clean water, no home and no money
easy to see why depression and crime exist – easy to see why people commit suicide because our mind places the value of self within an idea that money is the only answer
survival mode it is
we programmed the current system as it is and we can stop
cause, we’re consuming ourselves

Imagine – you are born and at the same moment of birth you are placed with enough money to always feed and clothe yourself
you have clean water and a home – education and healthcare
survival mode gone
who will you be
how will you act
who will you become

Equal Money System – The Solution
Scary?  No way?
If this idea is scary to you – or you just can’t wrap you’re mind around it
then understand
the mind reaps (takes from you as your physical=you die) – what it sows (plants seeds of deception within and without)

As within so without – we reflect what we have accepted and allowed ourself to be unto our world
In other words – what you participate in as the mind – so shall you be and remain
suggestion – stop participating in the mind of thoughts, pictures, feelings and emotions/reactions
Self forgiveness in self honesty is the key to Self  – as all as one as equal

Today I realized something about myself…so again, I say,,, Till here no further– I accept me and I am here and I walk – Oneness and Equality


Drop the mAsK – unVeIL yOuRSelf