Thoughts of the mind are deadly

I was giving my 4 month old granddaughter a bottle filled with water. She is still not quite use to drinking water and so a couple of times she drank so fast that she choked for a second and gasped for air.

This caused me to realize how untrustworthy that the mind really is, because it cannot even be counted on to know when to breathe.

The mind will never offer an equality equation worthy of all life because the ‘idea’ of equality threatens the existence of the mind.   Equality for all life would mean we will be ‘stopping’ our dependency upon the mind and instead directing ourself  as our mind, equal as all here.


Applying self honesty and self forgiveness – Stops greed and ego, and will stop the compulsive behavioral patterns associated within and as them.

Writing the word ‘associated’ just now brought up a word within me.  The word was ‘satiated‘ – I know that ‘satiated’ for me means to overindulge or do something in excess and/or to satisfy one’s desire to the point of boredom.   Well, that makes sense to me.  We allow so much overindulgence within our thought patterns that we begin to ‘think’ of ways to get attention through energetic experiences just to curb our minds boredom.  I have existed as such and I stop.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to participate within thoughts, feelings and emotions until they satiated me where I would search for and allow energetic experiences of myself so as to curb the boredom of my mind.

I do not accept or allow such thoughts, emotions or feelings within me – this is not who I am