I commit myself to Standing

My dog Buddha who recently passed was of great assistance for me. I miss her. Within this I must ask myself, what would I do if Desteni ceased to exist. I admit for a moment, I cried. The tools that Desteni offers to assist self in realizing how and why we exist in this world – as well as the world solution of Equality – is Remarkable. There is no other assistance anywhere in this world as effective for self as the Desteni message.

I’m asking myself if I have taken self responsibility in facing myself in self honesty, and am I truly standing in support of all life equally, even if I were to be the only one standing.

Many cannot and/or will not see and hear the Desteni message because in doing so, they fear having to face themself. Self honesty requires giving up the things we have ‘believed’ to be important and dear to us and we begin to see the effects that our participations have here upon all life. One discovers there was never anything or anyone to give up when facing self in self honesty.

I realize this process is about self and that we are essentially alone as one within it. However, if it were just me walking this process with no support from anyone whatsoever – am I still standing…

I rededicate myself to my process – in this moment of breath, walking, applying self forgiveness in self honesty.

I will stand in support of an Equal Money System and World Equality in support of all life Equal and One. I commit myself to Standing – till it is done.

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