Common Pre-Programmed Errors

Never known much about the CONcept within the mind construct of being a ‘light worker’. Though, had I not began reading the Desteni material and watching their videos when I did, it may have been my next preprogrammed path. I watched a couple of videos today of people sharing their ‘enlightenment’, so I have about as much understanding as seems necessary for now. Interstellar light and love, and energy workers are difficult for me to understand. Their words when I watched their videos sparked a point of confusion within me and a bit of anger. None of what was said made sense.

What I heard them speaking about was what I would refer to as ‘fluff’ talk – what I mean is, it’s just another form of speaking/preaching words that I once ‘thought’ sounded pretty, no substance, no substantial real physical proof for self in what they are believing, only their mind positioning within a belief construct. No self-accountability, nor self-responsibility – nothing actually lived real in self honesty as who they really are. Another mind manifested belief system.
They are reflections of me…They can’t not be…

Common Pre-Programmed Errors

I realized within me a bit of anger but, as I was about to leave a comment, the point of fear within me of not appearing ‘knowledgeable’ about ‘their’ belief system talk was what I accepted and allowed as the reason for not commenting at all.

This further compounded within me the very point within the anger that must be forgiven of self and released. I ‘felt’ defeated within myself – but, worst of all, I allowed myself to be silenced. Existing in the fear of appearing stupid – instead of standing up for all equally as assistance and support for another equally in self honesty as I would assist and support myself.

I can see where I project my anger onto them within my thoughts, it is such an obvious freakin mind game that we are all playing, I Stop.

It brought me to the point I see within myself where in moments, I have played the same game. Winning and/or losing – The Game of Energetic Resonances. Just slightly different mind constructs – ‘board pieces’ within this game we play that we refer to as life – in which we either perceive ourself to be winning or losing. We use different experiences within our mind of pictures and events and we compare them with others who are playing along and we move according to the energy that each pulls us into and as according to what we accept and allow. The words may be phrased somewhat differently, but the deceptions are the same. The more people we involve or that follow us in our game – adds more ‘points’ within our mind within the energies of emotions and feelings – which keeps us locked in as the player and the accepted mindfuck continues to walk as us – humanity.

The energies are always exhausting and life draining to the physical body. An example of this is when we get a zit – we often get a zit because of mental stress that manifests on our face. If a zit can manifest so quickly on the outer physical body – after our participation within our mind of thoughts – where we stress about something that our mind has constructed as a diversion tactic to keep us from facing ourself. Then one must question what the hell is manifesting on the inside of our physical body that we can’t see.

We have created our whole society within this and our enslavement is apparent. The very anger that exists within me toward this, is just part of the game and fuels projections into and as the ongoing patterns of victory and defeat. Either a winning energetic experience or a losing energetic experience results from continued participation. The results from this game within both polarity points further ensures the continuation of this game of enslavement. I Stop.

What we participate in, is what we will experience. Our experience of ourself is what we accept and allow within our participation in our thoughts, our feelings and our emotions. We cycle and recycle. I have proved this to myself, for myself. I stop.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to exist as if I’m playing a game instead of realizing that all life are equal and one and that many are suffering because of my choices in self dishonesty within thoughts and actions because I have believed that life is either won or lost. I stop the polarity game and direct me here equal and one as all as life.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to feel as if I let someone down by not being of assistance and support and instead I realize that this is a process of self realization and I cannot effectively assist another within an equality equation until I can effectively in self honesty assist and support myself.

I forgive myself that I have allowed myself to judge others beliefs as being worse than the beliefs that I accepted and allowed. Instead I direct me here, as all as one as equal.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to want to be a winner instead of realizing that if I’m winning someone has to lose creating a point of polarity. I direct myself here within the principle of equality. No winners – No losers. Equals walking the equation of Life

I forgive myself that I have allowed myself to use and abuse another for the sake of my minds perception as being more deserving than another instead of realizing that what I participate in is what I will experience. I stop. I breathe and direct me here within the principle of equality.

I forgive myself that I have allowed myself to believe that I am special because of energetic experiences within pictures and events and memories constructed within my mind. I delete and disengage myself from participation as the mind constructs within the game of winning and losing. I direct me here equal and one as all as life.

I forgive myself as all as one as equal as life.