A call was made, I answered.

Today I went by a small locally owned convenient store to pick up a couple of things and saw that there wasn’t much to be found on the shelves nor in the freezer section. I asked the man behind the counter if he was preparing to close the store and he said no, but that because his business has been so slow that he has not been able to fully stock the shelves which is unfortunately causing him to loose even more business. He said he is barely able to pay the price for renting store space. We discussed how in the past week the price of gasoline has risen twenty cents and that we are forced to pay the price of our own energetic consumptions.

He went on to say how ‘there is a ‘cry’ out there that is not being heard. I agreed and shared about the video that Bernard made recently called ‘Silently we Suffer’, and he agreed. It was obvious the struggle he was carrying within himself and he seemed genuinely grateful for my sharing. I recognized him as making ‘the call’ – where he is asking ‘why this world is the way it is’ and ‘why are we accepting and allowing it‘. I shared a bit about Desteni and suggested he have a look at the website. He listened closely and agreed that an ‘Equal Money System’ is certainly a beginning solution. I thanked him, and as I was leaving he asked again the name of the website and said he was certainly going to visit. A call was made, I answered.

I had one more stop to make to pick up a couple of items that the previous store owner was unable to afford to re-order, and in entering the store, which is a larger corporate owned convenience store the difference was remarkable because of course the shelves were stocked and provided better availability. The difference in the person behind the counter was substantial. She at first didn’t make eye contact as she asked me how I was. I stood there silently, and she was not even aware that I had provided no answer to her routine question. As she finished and I was about to turn to leave she asked me if I was ‘ready’ for Christmas. My reply was, ‘no, I don’t do Christmas’. This caused her to actually make eye contact for the first time and her reply was – ‘I wish I didn’t’. I said, well then, in self-honesty, just stop. The look on her face from such a simple reply was priceless. LOL

I’m realizing the importance of seemingly small moments. How remaining here with myself in breath, having no expectation in the moment is very self-supportive. That was my day today, event-less, yet simple and self-supportive.