What is my understanding within the meaning of Oneness and Equality?

Equality is a recognition of our sameness within all that is here, yet allows our own individuality in which will give dignity to all life forms within an equation manifested as self honesty in self expression of each and everyone and everything.

Equality offers All life the abundance that breath itself brings to ensure a nurturing and safe place for all as one that walk this earth in seeing our differences are not what separate us – but are in fact that which make us all as one as equal.

In self honesty, I realize, having never lived equal and one as all here, that I cannot possibly, truly understand the meaning of oneness and equality. I can however recognize and realize that all life is deserving of equality and a dignified life. I will walk and breathe this process of self forgiveness no matter how many times I may fall and I will pull myself up and I will keep walking.

There are so many who are suffering. It has to stop. Life is not meant to be lived as represented by the atrocities that exist within this world. And when I die to this physical body – my last breath will be that of self forgiveness.


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