I’m OK – You’re OK is Bullshit – This World is Not ok.

There is a book called I’m ok – You’re ok – it’s such bullshit. How come we settle for ok? We are not ok – this World is Not ok.

Changing self is not so easy. It’s a process of self that must be walked within self-honesty and patience that requires immense humbleness. We settle within patterns of our minds within the way we have constructed ourself to be within our beliefs. We build ourself based upon someone else’s knowledge and information. We exist as ‘symptoms’ of our mind. We accept ‘resonance patterns’ as who we are – and we become them. We stop within our ‘perceptions’ of another’s words as being meaningful insights and common sense becomes obsolete. Stop, forgive and forget everything you ‘think’ you knew. Begin here in breath anew.

Everything must be tested for ourself – all self-dishonesty must be stopped -and that which is no longer who we are must be realized, and self-forgiveness applied as we walk out our once accepted and allowed patterns in self-corrective application.

The common ground within which we walk and share has omitted and forgotten our primary principle – that of Oneness and Equality. The degree of suffering within this world is unacceptable and atrocious. Yet we will see past the suffering of others to spare facing ourself and taking self-responsibility. Self-responsibility comes from within a place of purity of self that we have never acknowledged nor lived.

We live as if we will never die – yet, we are dying in every moment. We fear death, yet our whole existence is the exact representation of death. We don’t want to even consider a change to our current monetary system to that of an equal money system because we fear it will interrupt our own survival. We absorb ourself within the fear of loss because our ‘mind’ distracts us from what is real here in the physical.

We expect of others that which we have never expected of ourself.

Question everything in self-honesty and live each moment as a single breath application. Our outer world is a reflection of our inner world. Our mind of thoughts where secrets seem hidden are equal and one within what we accept and allow to exist within this world. Direct yourself equal and one to everything here – stop participation’s as thoughts, feelings and emotions/reactions. Test self-forgiveness application and see for yourself. See what is really happening in this world. This is the application I am applying. It is a great gift to give to self.

Let’s stop this together and stand as all as one as equal. A Solution for All Life to Live Heaven on Earth – The Desteni Universe message is about “The Principle of Equality“..


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