My focus the past few days were not completely free of self-interest and self-abuse. I have written and spoken self-forgiveness on these points as well as applied muscle communication to confirm the points and steps in assisting releasing patterns of self-abuse and self-dishonest identities of myself. Now the points must be walked through in self-corrective application. Self-forgiveness as my guide is the only compass that I can trust fully within walking self-honesty within self-trust. Every idea I’ve every had of myself has been a complete falsehood caped tightly around me. It squeezes the breath out of me when I allow it, and is representative of a life lived as self-dishonesty.

Breath will assist me to walk out my past within quiet self-willed direction in order to redesign myself according to the principle of equality. Freeing mind patterns that bind me. I no longer believe what my mind says to me – so why move myself by self-abusive definitions designed of enslavement. I see no life assisting purpose nor common sense in the past equations that have stood as representations of who I have been, and how I have been existing.

I stop my destructive nature. I free myself from all expectation and preconceived obligations and I stand in self-honesty and face me. I have no plan, only breath and this moment. Simplicity.

The beauty of breath in self-honesty and self-forgiveness is the gift of life that I give to myself as all as one as Equal. I move myself, I begin here.


3 thoughts on “Simplicity

  1. Isn’t it funny how we cage ourselves within self abuse and think that we’re liberated from all and everything while grabbing the bars of the cage and sticking our nose in between the bars. I finally found out that frequently writing is liberating, it cleans out the cage before flying out.

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