Self-Forgiveness Walking like Babys Breath

One thing I know for sure is that either I walk this process of self-forgiveness in applying myself completely with the tools that Desteni Universe has provided – or, the current manifested process that is accepted and allowed here will attempt to walk for and as me. I no longer accept nor allow myself to succumb to such dishonesty, because within me, in self-honesty I have begun to live and see for myself the effectiveness that walking self-forgiveness process provides me. The self-judgment that I long existed as – is gently fading and in it’s place is a trust of self that I can only describe as similar to that of babys breath. I notice as I just wrote the words ‘babys breath’ that I am somewhat surprised that I used those words to describe myself. It’s fitting for this moment.

In walking through my past within the here of my moments, I am realizing that within me – is becoming a place of self-stability that I can honestly say I’ve never known.

Earlier this week I went into town to the nearest health department to get a copy of my birth certificate, which I had to have in order to get a legal ID. This should have been simple enough but, it ended up taking all day and required me to go to six separate locations from one end of town to the other in order to get all the required documentation. Instead of becoming frustrated within the ‘consumerism’ that the current monetary and governmental systems force one to participate within and as – I realized that within me I remained focused and stable. I became more clear within myself with regards to understanding, that though this system is what I have in the past accepted and allowed – this is no longer acceptable and is not existing within the principle of equality. The current system enforces and promotes us to consume. This has to stop.

I am realizing my part in creating what is here. Before, I never questioned the working of this system, I just went along participating and accepting and allowing myself to be and become what I was being told and/or shown/taught. No more. I now participate within the principle of equality and will not accept anything less of myself. So, I speak up and allow common sense to flow as me breathing and I stand before all as me assisting myself as all as one as equal. I cannot expect my outer world to change if I am not directing myself from within my inner world – within self-honesty – in standing up for what is best for one, is best for all. The current monetary system requires redirecting and implementing an ‘Equal Money System’ for All – from Birth till Death. I stand as a self-willed equal and as the directive principle of myself in self-honesty in support of implementing a system that is supportive of all life. I support World Equality. A world where all life is equal in every way and dignity represents life lived as All as One as Equal.

I forgive myself that I allowed the current monetary system to become the manifested design of atrocity and I stand in support of all life to be lived equal to all and everything here.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to be taught and have believed that the current monetary system is practical when in fact it does not support all life equal. I stop. I breathe. I delete. I direct myself according to an Equality for all Equation that supports all life Equal. It’s Simple.


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