Patience of self in Process

The past few days I have had a very sore gland in my throat, and always when this is brought to my attention by my physical it has to do with me suppressing myself within a point. This occurs when I do not express myself properly or when I am avoiding myself in some way. I didn’t want to make a vlog today, however, when I applied muscle testing it tested that I was required to vlog, and sure enough afterward – the swollen gland returned to normal and all soreness disappeared. Amazing how expressing self in vlogging and blogging and sharing process is so self-assisting. Still, I often will have a thought that what I have to say is not important or is not worthy of sharing and I stop the thought, apply self-forgiveness, and then after making the video, or writing, I am again reminded of the importance of participating and sharing. I have spent my whole life avoiding myself and am very grateful for this process. – this is a journey for self worth applying.

The point of trusting myself within this process is once again proven to myself for myself that I am and will still be standing in support of an Equal Money System and World Equality – until this is done.

One thought on “Patience of self in Process

  1. Amazing to hear, how blogging resulted in removing the physical symptoms. Thanks for sharing Cathy!

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