Stopping Lies of Mind-Control

It’s interesting how people respond to the word ‘Equality’. The mind will attempt to completely disengage self within thought patterns – in its attempt to stop us from understanding or becoming a living example of the Equality Equation. I can see that I still have mind belief patterns associated with the word and the meaning my mind associates with equality. I must in self-honesty look at the meanings that I have accepted and allowed with regards to this point so as to sort them out in self-forgiveness and stop the flow of these patterns that disregards life.

These are preservative tactics that keeps us contained and mind controlled as repeated patterns of self-abuse within and as ‘mind consciousness systems‘. This is how we have long resonated as humanity. Our residence – our place of knowing ourself is within ‘resonance’ patterns of thoughts, feelings, emotions and reactions as structurally designed pictures within our mind – we become them. It’s where we reside – it’s where we dwell, in the mind and is ‘not real’.

Through muscle testing – I have located beliefs within myself in how I have interpreted ‘equality’ – according to gender, race, sexuality, and even actual physical location of beings. For instance, I associate ‘Africa’ as being a place of great suffering and abuse. I am aware that there is this there as well as many other places in this world. It is however, within my mind that I see these ‘picture’ presentations of Africa which has stopped me from seeing the real specific suffering that exists because these have been points of distractions within fear of facing myself within what I have accepted and allowed and has kept me from realizing the actual suffering that exists in this world. I delete the pictures in my mind associated within this pattern.

I also see thought patterns and memories of ‘equal rights’ slogans from the past – pertaining to the ‘rights of women’, the ‘rights of gays’ – I can see how this as well has been a diversion tactic that I accepted and allowed so as to not really see and understand myself as equal to all here. I delete these thought patterns associated within this pattern.

There is also the point of the color of ones skin, their race, nationality, and even according to religion, and I see that I have existed within such bullshit beliefs regarding each. I stop. I delete.

The intent must be to – ‘Stop’ participations within thought patterns and feelings and emotional energetics and to realize the preprogrammed patterns of mind control in which we all have been taught.

To stand in self-honest common sense based in Equality and Oneness as Life itself. Then we will begin to bring all suffering and abuse to its end. We then will unite and stand as one together in support of an Equal Money System for All – from Birth till Death. In this we will bring forth World Equality.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed my mind to distract me from seeing the suffering that exists in this world because to see the suffering means I will have to realize that I have participated in mind control and have allowed atrocity to exist.

I forgive myself that I have allowed myself to form opinions and assumptions in my mind of others according to their gender, race, sexuality as well as actual physical locations as a way of stopping myself from facing myself in self-honesty and taking self-responsibility in standing up for all as one as equal.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not fully comprehend the meaning of the ‘Equality Equation’ because I have existed in greed and ego which is all mind control instead of standing in self-willed direction equal to all and everything here.

I forgive myself that I have allowed pictures within my mind to distract me from taking self-responsibility for the suffering of others and I stop and I direct me here in breath according to the principle of equality.

I forgive myself that I have allowed myself to wait so long to realize that all that exists is what I have accepted and allowed in self-dishonesty.

Till Here No Further. I Stop. I Stand. Self-Forgiveness in Self-Honesty is key to Self


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