‘All as One as Equal’

It’s Halloween and one of many days in which we choose to ‘buy’ in to and celebrate by dressing up in costumes and going door to door ‘chanting‘: trick or treat. I noticed within me a point of separation existing in a definition of myself as ‘resentful’. Within this resentment is the lies surrounding these kinds of days that I have in the past participated in and accepted and allowed, and I still resent this about myself. I resent that within it all, I never cared to see the inequality that exists because I participated within the dishonesty of consumerism and made a mockery out of life. I did not see all life equal to another as all as one.

We have never existed as life because to be of life is to realize another life to be equal to and as self. To participate within the consumerism is to disregard life – spending money on useless costumes as if we don’t already mask ourselves daily. As if our daily habitual spending is not consuming enough.

Clearly poverty and starvation exist and is the example of what we accept and allow as we divide and conquer within a polarity equation – where we accept the death of starvation upon another. Our deception within our many distractions only shows us our fear of facing ourself in seeing the horrors within the multitudes of suffering. The moment is here to clean up our mess-age and it begins with me.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to participate in consumerism while half the world is starving and living in extreme poverty. I Stop. I direct myself equally self-responsible for all that exists here. I stand in support of a system that first realizes human necessities such as food, water, clothes and shelter and in common sense I realize that an Equal Monetary System for all from birth till death can and will bring about a World where Equality is regarded first and for all – ’The Right of Breath’ – ‘The Right of Life’. ‘All as One as Equal’


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  1. I am also not participating in any kind of traditions, since they have lost its original meaning long ago, and are now just exploited in the commercial manner.

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