The Equation of ‘Grace’

The Equation of ‘Grace’. I’m beginning to see more clearly how granting ‘grace’ upon another is the most beneficial for self. I have heard people speak of a ‘state of grace’ where being in God’s favor was implied. I have ‘thought’ that upon another as well. That was a lie lived. I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed that misconception. No, that is not ‘grace’.

Once I believed grace to be a manifestation of favor like a pardon or clemency. This was built upon self-interest and superiority and thus not valid.

I use to say ‘grace’ before a meal and in looking at this now it seems to fit more appropriately within how I now define ‘grace’. After all to ‘say grace’ implies that I am grateful – and when I have food, clean water, clothes and a home, I am grateful. To just say ‘grace’ for myself is not sufficient as this is separation from ‘life’ itself.

To be ‘breathing’ and ‘living’ in this existence justifies the right to the things required of the physical to exist, or else you are no longer ‘living’ because without food and water you ‘die’. Common sense.

So now, we say ‘grace’ in the way we move ourself in ‘common sense’ actions – standing in self-honesty in support of stopping world hunger and poverty by providing all life unmerited favor within the ‘Oneness and Equality Equation. ‘Grace’ in action defines the actual living word as self as ‘Grace’.

The Equation of ‘Grace’ = an Equal Money System – World Equality. Now that’s ‘Grace‘. Simple.


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