‘Middle Road is the Greatest Deception’

This is a point of placement that I have accepted and allowed – in which I forgive myself.

I forgive myself for my dishonesty that I have accepted and allowed in the moment when I participate in the secret mind – the place that I accept and allow and ‘identify’ with and ‘act’ as within the deceptive nature of the ‘middle road’ – wherein I ‘follow’ and ‘accept’ my pre-programmed ‘chosen’ path. Where I, ‘walk the line’.

Where I remain quiet, because it’s after all a ‘secret’ – a place of such accepted self-abuse, that I dare not speak about it or even dare to look at it because I don’t want to face the point because that will mean I must confront fears so deep within me that I barely realise they are there.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed this as who I am because if I don’t realise the thought patterns of the secret mind then I will never be able to stand as self-supportive for all in becoming directive principle of me walking self-willed in actuality. I stand as breath and stop – I direct myself in self-honesty and I no longer accept and allow myself direction to be ‘halfway’, somewhere between inequality and equality. Both of which is mind definitions based in fear keeping me stuck in the middle road.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to participate as the secret mind where I have formed an accepted and allowed ‘idea’ of what ‘equality’ and ‘inequality’ (in-equality) means and have formed each to mean the same – a constructed combined definition of what ‘equality’ suggests in which consists of definitions that offer no substantial solution for the suffering of humanity. I stop. I delete. I no longer accept and allow this as who I am.

I forgive myself-deception in which I follow a middle road within a point of survival which is a fear based mind construct which is not supportive of all life here. In self-honesty I direct me here breathing.

Oneness and Equality exists of One road and begins with me taking Self-responsibility in redesigning and redirecting myself in common sense – questioning and testing everything for myself in self-honesty within self-willing myself according to Principle – that I can only stand as, because I have walked myself forgiveness in accordance to the equality equation proving to myself, for myself, the oneness of us all. I prove this for myself and I do not stop until all is equal – until this is done

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