We The People

“We the People”,  hereby establish ‘Justice’ in support of an ‘Equal Money System’  –  A ‘Preamble’ – In which ‘All’ receive ‘Practical Living’ support within and as the ‘Physical’.

An ‘Equal Money System’ promotes a ‘Self-Willed Equal’ – A ‘Living Testament’ in recognizing that all Life is in fact ‘Equal’.  Within this ‘Authoritative’ and ‘Formulated’ , ‘Common Sense’ Statement of  who we are –  ‘Equal’ as Life here,  we create ability for All – To Stop individual ‘fear of survival’ – as well as support oneself to improve oneself in a dignified manner supportive and worthy of all Life – thus bringing forth ‘Nobility’ in which to nourish and flourish “Mankind”.

We establish ‘Justice’ in ‘Forgiving’ Self of our Self-Imposed manifested Atrocities and,  in Self-Honesty – Bring forth a new MANner existent in Self-Trust .

In this we ensure ‘Domestic Tranquility’ within the Establishment of an ‘Equal Money System’, thereby Protecting and Securing current and future Generations, by making sure the ‘Rights’ of ‘We the People’ are individually ‘Self-Secured’ – merged within a ‘Principle of World Equality’ – whereby ‘Basic’ Human requirements are Allowed – for Living and Sustaining Life  – in which food, water, proper shelter, clothes, education and, basic health care are provided – Equally.

In stopping repercussions of acquiring enemies – we provide for the ‘Common Defense’ in our ‘Acknowledgement’ of ‘Oneness and Equality’ – Stopping any reason for forming ‘militias’.   Within an ‘Equal Money System’ we ‘secure’ the ‘General Welfare’ of all – within all ‘Economic Operations’ – by bringing forth the desired outcome provided within ‘Equal Life Support’ for All – Stopping all patterns of Manifested war.

A ‘Equal Money System’ is the Defining moment in the Definition of ‘Liberty’ and ‘Freedom’ for All.
It requires 1 Vote.  Your Vote + My Vote.  Simple Math:  1+1=2
Signed:  “We The People” – We Stand Equally for All as One as Life.