This thing called Love

We’re all ‘seekers’ of it.  We want, need and desire someone to ‘love’ us forever and we claim we will never stop ‘loving’ each other once we ‘think’ we have found that special ‘someone’ – however ‘love’ cannot sustain itself within the energies in which it began.  We’re all the same in this and there has never been a ‘love’ that has lasted into eternity.  Love fails us because we fail ourself in the very expectations within which will build a false sense of security in ‘seeking’ someone or something outside of ourself to complete us.  In the new beginning of ‘love’ is in actuality the beginning of the end.   I have ‘fallen’ in ‘love’ many times and have ‘fallen’ out of ‘love’ just as many.  I no longer participate within the ‘design of love’ because clearly – love is mind control.   Love is the state of mind that we accept and allow within giving permission to another to fulfill us momentarily within the insanity of bliss.

What is the point of ‘love’, if we cannot even ‘love’ our neighbors as ourself.  In order for love to become a fulfilled prophecy we must first face ourself within self-honesty and self-forgiveness.  Within this we must create an ‘Equal Money System’ in order for all to care for themself practically.  Then ‘love’ will become the face of Equality in it’s very description.  The earth provides enough for all to sustain itself within the ‘Principle of Equality’.   Equality will enforce ‘love’ as life intended and will remove beliefs built around ‘love’ based on ‘money’, because at this point ‘money’ is the basis in which ‘love’ is founded.  This is proven by example over and over again when the money runs out, suddenly ‘love’ ends.  In order to stop these cycles of abuse we must provide for all life equally.   The truth is, love is ‘money’, this cannot be denied.  Money has become the ‘god’ within which we turn to because our physical bodies require food and water, shelter and clothes, and money provides it all.  Love alone does not provide for all and if fact carries with it, the price of money.  Our ‘minds’ are changeable according to how much money one has and we accept and allow this as our laws.  This is unacceptable.  We must become the ‘directive’  principle within self-honesty in forgiving ourself for how we have accepted and allowed life to become, which is abusive.  When we begin to support all life equally, then life itself will support mankind in a new manner which will sustain all life.  I am 1 vote for an Equal Money System.  I support ‘World Equality’.